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GnuPlot: scientific plotting program for DOS


Version 3.2 is an old GnuPlot distribution. I offer this version because it is the last 16-bit DOS port with PostScript support. If your system permits, the 32-bit version 4.0 can be tried. The main advantage of version 4.0 is the support of enhanced PostScript (enabling the use of superscript, subscript, italic and special symbols).


Download gnuplot3.zip or gnuplot4.zip and unzip it in c:\gnuplot. The batch files included in the zip-file assume the syntax files (.GNU) to be in c:\gnuplot\doc.

Using GnuPlot

Output.ps can be incorporated in a LaTeX document as if it were eps since postscript output from GnuPlot contains a "BoundingBox" line (you may want to edit this line: see example-syntax file "example.gnu" in version 4). Likewise, postscript output from GnuPlot can be imported into ChiWriter.

Included homemade additions

example.gnu is an example-syntax file that can be edited. Latest update: 26-7-2007 (version 3) 8-10-2016 (version 4).

el2gp.exe is a program for converting electrophysiological signals -or other traces- into a GnuPlot compatible file format. Output can be either a continuous signal or a PSTH.

scatter.exe can be used to add noise to a scatter plot in order to avoid overlapping datapoints.

latest update: 28-12-2018