GhostScript for DOS


These small distributions of GhostScript are stripped down versions of the original software. Version 2.61 is the last 16-bit DOS version and should run on any IBM compatible PC including an XT, and in DOSBox. Version 5.10 is the last DOS version. The full 5.10 distribution can be found here. For the latest version of GhostScript (no DOS port) and more information look here.

Printing from DOS

GhostScript facilitates printing from DOS. All applications should print to a PostScript file (e.g., Subsequently, GhostScript prints this file to a suitable printer.


Download or, and unzip it in c:\gs (all files should be in c:\gs, no c:\gs\fonts subdirectory!). Subsequently, remove one of the "REM" in gs.bat to select a printer. Look here for details.

Viewing PostScript and PDF

A PostScript/PDF viewer for DOS based on GhostScript (and PDFTOPS and LXPIC) can be found here.

latest update: 4-1-2019

Note: The main executable is gs386.exe in version 5.10 and gs.exe in version 2.61. I have renamed gs.exe in version 2.61 to gs16bit.exe in order to avoid ambiguity with the batch file gs.bat. If you want to use version 2.61 together with PSVIEW, then you have to copy gs16bit.exe to gs386.exe as PSVIEW calls the latter (do not rename it: you also need gs16bit.exe as it is called by gs.bat).